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Mac Modding - bonus post

October 23, 2022

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Mac Modding - bonus post

For those who are unaware, I’ve been living the Mac life for quite some time. It has less to do with Macs being superior and more to do with the insane prices of graphics cards as well as me not really enjoying Windows laptops - I much prefer the Mac counterparts if I’m honest. However, the one thing that is super painful on Macs is gaming. Especially modding.

Trying to mod a game on Macs is weird - this is because on Windows, games are stored in folders, and you can just drag and drop modded game files on top of the original game files to basically get a modded game (some games have an inbuilt modding system where you have a folder of games so that you leave the game files well alone, and this is great. But in this case, I’m just talking about good and pure drag-and-drop modding).

Macs aren’t quite like that - you have the game in an .app folder package, which then has all the working components of the game. You have to pray that the mods can easily mod this .app folder, otherwise you are left scouring the contents of that package. The .app format is great for software, but not so much for modding games.

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